Drowning in a sea of reply slips

A list, a simple list – that’s all it needs.  A simple list of what to do, of what not to forget. A don’t forget list. And then you’ll feel on top of it all, surely.

So don’t forget….. Don’t forget to return all those reply slips – slips for the pantomime, slips for the carol singing, slips for the Christmas show. And don’t forget to pay for the panto either. Don’t forget to organise the nativity costumes and to order school photos before the deadline and to write the Christmas cards.

Don’t forget to buy stamps, mum; and to check the last posting dates.

Don’t forget Christmas cards for the teachers, and don’t forget the teacher’s Christmas collection. Don’t forget Christmas jumper day; and don’t forget the £1.00 (that’s £1.00 for each of them – don’t forget that either). Don’t forget to make sure their Christmas jumpers are clean and ready.

Don’t forget to donate unwanted toys, books, chocolate and bottles for the Christmas fair. Don’t forget to offer to help if you can. Don’t forget to sell some raffle tickets, return the ticket stubs, hand in the money. Don’t forget to go to the Christmas fair. Definitely don’t forget that.

The nativity, carols in the church, carol singing on the green – don’t forget any of those, mum; and to organise those costumes for the Christmas show. Please don’t forget the costumes.

Don’t forget to pick the kids up from school mum, and don’t forget that this one needs his eyedrops and that one needs his Vaseline. He’s so sore, look, all round his mouth; so don’t forget that please mum. Don’t forget their gloves. Don’t forget that Thursday is later pick up for this one, Friday is earlier pick up for another one. Don’t forget you promised the children you could make those Christmas tree biscuits. Don’t forget to change their reading books, to return the library books, to check their book bags. Don’t forget to go to work, to scrape the ice off the car, to cook the tea, to put another wash on.  Don’t forget that the Tooth Fairy needs to visit.

Don’t forget your Christmas lunch deposit, your menu choice and to order the food shop. What’s that? The delivery slots have all gone. Well then don’t forget to do something about that too.

Don’t forget to make your list, and once you’ve made it don’t forget to check it.

I know there’s a lot on at the moment, mum; but you can do it. The main thing is to remember all the things you’re not to forget.


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