This time next week

This time next week there’ll be three matching school jumpers all ready to wear,

Three pairs of school shoes lined up by the door,

Three book bags all ready for new reading books,

Three PE bags, almost bigger than you.

This time next week, there’ll be three answers to ‘what was for lunch today, sweetheart?

If you have the energy to answer, that is.

Three sets of letters with reply slips, three sets of appointments for parents’ evenings, three sets of cakes for school cake bakes.

Oh my…… that is a lot of cakes.

There’ll be phonics and spellings and show-and-tells;

There’ll be ‘next week is please dress as this day’; or ‘please bring that day’; and ‘please don’t forget your £1.00‘.

There’ll be three times the ‘Oh no, I think I’ve forgotten your £1.00‘ moments.

This time next week there’ll be three sets of playground tales – old friends, new friends, all-of-a-sudden best friends;

There’ll be ‘We played ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’/ ‘we played chase‘ / ‘we made a new friend today’ or the heartbreaking ‘no-one played with me today, mummy‘.

That one is the worst; even if we know you’re fine.

There’ll be three times the worry, three times the parties, three times the playdates;

Three little faces to spot in assemblies; three sets of running, jumping legs to cheer on at sports day.

There’ll be three tired, ravenous boys to pick up at 3,

Three sets of grubby jumpers for the wash.

Three times the ‘how was school today?’ question, answered with ‘I can’t remember’ / ‘I’m TOO TIRED to talk’.

Three worn out little boys on the sofa.

This time next week there’ll be new parents and familiar faces; more families who will be part of our lives for the next few years.

There’ll be bright eyes and eager little faces wearing fresh, new jumpers; sparkly clean polo shirts and smart, unscuffed shoes.

Some will go running in, some will cling on to a leg or a hand. It’s never easy to predict.

But the parents’ teary eyes, those are easy to predict.

This time next week, I’ll be dropping off three and walking home just me.

school shoes

This time next week, boys, it is all change.




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