As you turn 6 and 4

Today, Eldest Boy, is what I call your Birthday Eve. Tomorrow, you turn 6. Two days later, your brothers turn 4. August is always full-on and slightly overwhelming, but this year it is even more full-on than usual. For the first time ever, we are away for your birthdays; and we have a packed schedule. Over 6 nights we are staying in 3 places, attending 1 wedding and of course celebrating one turning 6 and two turning 4. Daddy also has Best Man duties to perform and a speech to perfect. Our car is packed to the brim as it always is when we go away; but this time there are also wedding outfits, mummy’s new shoes, birthday cards and presents.

So as we continue our little road trip; here you are, boys, as you turn 6 and 4.

Eldest boy

You are: 

Growing in confidence, gentle, your own boy, innocent, imaginative, inquisitive, brave, impatient, a bookworm, on a mission to protect the world’s endangered species.

You love: 

Books, maps, animals of the world, structure, school, nature, lists, problems to solve, answers to questions, a hearty meal, dates, times, football scores, custard, flags, days at home surrounded by your books.

You can often be found: 

Sitting on your bedroom floor with a selection of atlases, drawing maps, compiling lists, reading, writing out imaginary football scores, swotting up on animals and their habitats.

Likely to say: 

‘I really love learning the Cyrillic alphabet, mummy. In fact, I wish we were Cyrillic. Or Russian, I mean.’

‘I would love to be a brown rat because brown rats eat anything they find.’

Special skill: 

Retaining and recalling information – the diet of an Arctic fox, the preferred habitat of a ring-tailed lemur. You read it and somehow it stays there.

Nightmare scenario: 

Being hurried when engrossed in a book.

Eldest boy note

Twin 1

You are: 

Joyful, sensitive, headstrong, eager, jaunty, impatient, adventurous, sociable, shy, cuddly, a whirlwind, the first to wake up every morning.

You love: 

Running, climbing, performing, leaping, racing, wrestling, scooting, making friends, being praised, cake, ice-cream in a cone, one more sweetie.

Can often be found: 

Forcing your way to the front door determined to open it first.

Likely to say: 

‘Stop saying those RUDE things, mummy’

(Anything you don’t want to hear is, apparently, a ‘rude thing’.)

Special skill: 

Winning people over with your big brown eyes. And they are big.

Nightmare scenarios: 

Ambiguous answers. Unfortunately, the answer is sometimes ‘maybe’, and you don’t like that at all.

Your scooter blowing away, a bag being put on the ground, your brother running on ahead of you. You have quite a few nightmare scenarios at the moment my lovely, you are going through a bit of an anxious phase.

Twin 1

Twin 2

You are:  

Observant, defiant, unsure, shy, master of voices, growing so fast that I can’t buy new clothes quickly enough, sometimes earnest, sometimes jokey, often moody; never in any rush.

You love:

Creepy crawlies, flamboyant accessories, funny faces, taking your time over meals, crackers, silly voices, ice lollies, fancy dress, finding feathers, playing make-believe.

Can often be found: 

At the table, still finishing a meal.

Watching snails. Or ants.

Playing mummies and daddies and babies.

Likely to say: 

‘I can see a dead woodlouse.’

‘You know mummy, yesterday a few weeks ago I found a smelly sock on the way home from school…… And a glove.’

‘I need a cuddle.’

Special skill: 

The ability to spot ants, snails, slugs, feathers and abandoned socks and gloves from a great distance.

Nightmare scenario: 

A stepped-on snail.

No more snacks.

Twin 2 fancy dress2

New adventures

As you turn 6 and 4, the year to come is a big one for us all – this time next month I will have three little schoolboys.

Yes, you are still hard work. The days are still relentless, getting us all out of the house saps me of all of my energy, and the thought of a glass of wine carries me through bathtime and bedtime. But boys, you are magnificent and along with the chaos you bring us bucket loads of laughter and fun. Long may that continue.

Happy birthday xxx

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