Sleeping husbands

I just mentioned to my husband that I could really do with a bit of help when there is a child up in the night, as there was last night. Particularly when I’m feeling unwell, which was also the case last night.

My husband looked nonplussed – clearly unable to recall any disturbance.

“I’m happy to help”, he said, “but you need to wake me up.”

“I did wake you up”, I said, “but you still left me to sort him out.”

“Well”, he said, “I am sorry but I obviously wasn’t properly awake so what was I supposed to do?”

I gave a little account of our conversation. I told him how I’d woken him and he had sat up in bed, muttered something along the lines of “yes, take him to the toilet” followed by “well that’s good, he’s been to the toilet”; before finally rolling over and going back into a lovely, deep sleep and leaving me with an awake 3 year old.

I told him that because of this interaction I had assumed, obviously wrongly, that he had woken up. I asked whether next time I had permission to pour some cold water over him to ensure he’s properly awake. He hasn’t yet answered.

I also suggested that he might find it easier to assist in the night if he went to bed before 12.30am rather than trying to cram as many foreign-language detective series as he could into his evenings.  Apparently, he said, an earlier bedtime makes very little difference to your ability to wake up when you’re enjoying a beautiful, deep sleep.

I wouldn’t know.

This is not a big downer on my husband, who is brilliant in many ways. He puts up with my not-always-pleasant moods and he tidies up my mess – those are two. I just wish he would WAKE UP WHEN THERE ARE CHILDREN POKING MY FACE AT 2AM. And if he would get out of bed too, that would be a bonus.

I’m getting the watering can ready for tonight. He did say I needed to make sure he was actually awake…… I’m starting to think that might be the only way.

sleeping husband

This resonated when I saw it. Thank you



3 thoughts on “Sleeping husbands

  1. I have a baby girl who is 1 1/2 years old and a baby boy who is 2 1/2 months old – and I am the only one who wakes up in the night when my daughter or my son is sad. I dont know how my boyfriend does it but he sleeps like a rock. The same goes for the mornings. I have gone up every morning at 05.00 for 1 1/2 years now since that is when my baby girl wakes up – but my boyfriend can sleep peacefully until 8-9 on the weekends.

    Thank you for sharing your post!


  2. You know what. This is my life. My partner always says he’ll help, he’ll wake up on weekends but the when he doesn’t wake up he says to me “I just can’t wake up”. Someone once told me that dating back to cave men times women wake up to Hugh pitched noises like babies cries and men wake up to low pitch like predators coming to attack or something. But during we have evolved from this and the men could bloody wake up once in a while instead of us trying to wake them up and them Turing to sleep again. But hey we still love em x

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