Because we’re three……

We are now five months into being 3, and it turns out it’s a pretty fun but sometimes difficult age. Our communication skills are better which means that we can demand more; but we still have limited reasoning skills, which means that we don’t always understand mummy and mummy frequently doesn’t really understand us. And that is frustrating (notice how we’ve underlined that for emphasis).

We feel like big boys, and there are a lot of things we think we should be able to do but can’t: our ambitions are usually greater than our current abilities. That is also frustrating.

We are, though, taking advantage of all the things we can do as three year olds. For example, we can…..

  • insist on putting our own socks on (because we’re big boys, you see), then get distraught 10 seconds later because we can’t quite manage to put our own socks on.
  • throw a wobbly because mummy has asked us to tidy up a puzzle, but then throw another wobbly when we find our brother doing it for us.
  • insist that we’re too tired to walk, but then find the energy to run, balance on walls, jump off walls, and walk like crabs.
  • refuse to brush our teeth because mummy put the toothpaste on our toothbrushes HERSELF instead of letting us do our own.
  • still fit into a cardboard box. boys in a box
  • expect mummy to know exactly how we’d like to do everything, even if this is different from the previous day and we haven’t briefed her.
  • ask the same question over and over until we get the answer we’re hoping for (it’s always worth a try – she might crack eventually).
  • yawn, rub our eyes, roll around on the floor and finally admit that we’re tired, but then refuse to have a nap (again, because we’re big boys and we’ve given up naps now).
  • say we’re hungry and then decide we’re not once we’ve seen our tea.
  • show off how independent we are one minute (“look mummy, I did my own shoes!”), and forget all of our newly acquired skills the next (“you do my shoes for me, mummy – I CAN’T DO THEM!!!”)
  • dislike carrots unless we’re allowed to eat them with chopsticks
  • negotiate with each other, but still resort to fighting to deal with anything we’re unhappy about.
  • make up jokes that don’t make sense. Because we don’t actually know what a joke is.
  • spend 5 minutes saying goodbye to snails, cranes, diggers, traffic cones and fast-food related advertising.
  • ensure that getting dressed or undressed takes 5 times longer than it should by adding in somersaults, balances, rolling and other acrobatic tricks.
  • turn the television off by ourselves. And if someone does this for us, we will turn it back on just to turn it off again.
  • remember important things days, weeks and even months after they’ve occurred; such as having been given a party bag containing SWEETS. This means that mummy can no longer eat all our sweets in the hope that we’ll have forgotten about them

As we like to tell mummy, we’re getting big, but we’re still quite little. We reserve the right to change our minds over things for no reason and with no warning, to be grumpy just because, to find the energy for fun things but not for the things we don’t want to do; and to have a bad day because the socks we wanted to wear are in the wash.

Soon we’ll be too big to indulge in such things, so we’re going to enjoy them while we can.

So cheers – here’s to being 3.

boys and poster

Bye bye chicken nuggets


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