2015 was……..

This is one for me really – a year is a long time in a small person’s life and I know that many of the little things from this year will be forgotten unless I write them down.

So I am writing them down.

This was us in 2015……..

2015 was the year that the eldest boy……….

  • designed his own WhatCar? magazine front cover, and followed this up by applying for the position of Top Gear presenter. He received a letter, free magazine and offer of work experience from the lovely people at WhatCar?; but sod all from Top Gear.
  • started to branch out away from cars – perhaps following the snub from Top Gear. The pile of car magazines hasn’t been put away, and I still sometimes catch him writing out lists of SUVs and MPVs; but during the second half of 2015 his days were mainly spent pouring over atlases and animal encyclopedias; playing schools and drawing maps.
  • decided that he is destined to be a teacher. And as he’s not able to start work immediately, he has set up his own school at home.
  • discovered that reading peacefully in his room is a wonderful thing, and in the process learnt more than I will ever know about countries, capital cities, and the migration pattern of the arctic tern.
  • made lists. Lists of cars, lists of countries, lists of capital cities, lists of wild animals. All he needs is a pen and paper – lists are the best.
  • went to his first school disco, and subsequently chose his favourite pop songs for this year (Shake it Off and ‘Uptown Bunk’, which you might know as Uptown Funk).
  • started violin lessons.
  • discovered Roald Dahl.
  • loved his very first performing arts summer course, despite being a shy and spectacularly uncoordinated little soul.

It was the year that the 3 year olds………

  • went from being toddlers to proper little boys, too big for me to scoop up without causing myself considerable discomfort.
  • said goodbye to the pushchair, the dummies, the daytime nap, and the nappies (well, almost there with that last one; which has been by far the biggest struggle).
  • watched snails.
  • realised that by moving a chair around, they could reach almost anything they wanted to get their hands on.
  • continued to struggle with the concept of hide & seek.
  • developed their negotiation skills (‘I’ll play with that train for 3 minutes and then you can have it, ok?’).
  • spent their days singing and reciting nursery rhymes- Hey Diddle Diddle, Humpty Dumpty, Wee Willie Winkie; they couldn’t get enough.
  • loved role-playing with cuddly toys, doing funny voices, and impersonating their parents.
  • realised for the first time that even though nursery is fun, leaving mummy is sometimes sad. The best way of dealing with this was to hang off mummy’s legs at nursery drop off time.
  • went from scrapping to full-on wrestling.
  • discovered the joy of Brio.
  • realised that not only could they get out of bed themselves, but they could also open their bedroom door and climb over all the stairgates in the house; leading to at least 6 weeks of bedtime chaos.
  • learnt how to sit down to play a game, but still showed very little interest in writing, drawing or crafts.
  • repeatedly asked questions that they already knew the answer to, just for the sake of hearing the answer they already knew.
  • went everywhere with an army of cuddly toys.
  • continued to enjoy flamboyant accessories.

It was the year that I…..

  • started a book group with other school mums (genuinely the highlight of my social life), started my blog, and even started tap dancing classes – I might be edging closer to 40 but that doesn’t mean I have to give up on my dream of one day appearing in a west end show. In short, I’ve started doing a few things for myself and for that, 2015 has been a good year.
  • struggled to come to terms with the appearance of so many grey hairs. They’re thick, wiry and they stick right up. They might as well be holding a ‘look at me’ sign. I don’t like them.
  • felt grateful for the lovely little community we are part of.
  • realised that attempting to race around the country every weekend visiting family and friends isn’t good for anyone. Pottering is good. Sitting on the sofa drinking tea is also good.

2016 will be the year that……

  • we venture abroad for the first time as a family of 5. (HA!! There will DEFINITELY be a post on this).
  • the boys will turn 4 and 6.
  • The eldest boy will enter his final year at infant school.
  • The twins will start school, meaning all my children will be in full-time education – I can’t quite believe this.

It’s going to be a year of huge changes.

Thank you so much for reading my blog this year, and here’s to a happy and peaceful 2016 xxx

3 boys 2015


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