The Breakfast Challenge

It’s 7.15am and time for your first challenge.

Please enter THE KITCHEN.

Open CUPBOARD #1. Here you will find an assortment of children’s plates and cups. Take out the following items:

  • 1 green platebreakfast
  • 1 red plate
  • 1 yellow plate
  • 2 blue bowls
  • 1 green cup
  • 1 blue cup
  • 1 yellow cup

Well done.

Now open CUPBOARD #2. In here, you will find regular crockery and a selection of cereal. Take out 1 ‘big boy’s bowl’ aka a normal cereal bowl.

Now cast your mind back to 10 minutes ago when three children all shouted their cereal requests to you at the same time. Take out the requested cereals and place the correct combination in the correct bowl:

  • Child #1: Muesli and cornflakes with extra raisins in the ‘big boy’s bowl’.
  • Child #2: Rice Krispies and Shreddies in a blue bowl.
  • Child #3: Cheerios and Rice Krispies for in a blue bowl. With raisins. Actually, no raisins – sorry about that.

Now turn your attention to the TOASTED ITEMS.

Please toast, 2 pieces of fruit bread and 1 piece of toast. Spread each with butter, and the toast with marmalade. Place the requested item onto the correctly coloured plate:

  • Fruit bread NOT CUT on the red plate.
  • Fruit bread CUT INTO 2 PIECES on the green plate.
  • Toast with marmalade CUT INTO 4 PIECES on the yellow plate.

Pour some fruit juice into each cup.

Lay out placemats for Child #2 and Child #3 remembering whose turn it is to have the coveted bus placemat. NO PLACEMAT for Child #1 who is frightened of all placemats. Do not position anyone with a placemat opposite Child #1 or he will insist on tackling his breakfast with his eyes closed.

Here come 3 small people. They are frantically looking for their breakfast. Postman Pat has finished and it’s a desperate situation.

Ensure the correctly coloured plates, bowls and cups make it safely to the table with each child:

  • Child #1 – ‘big boy bowl’, yellow plate, yellow cup.
  • Child #2 – blue bowl, red plate, blue cup.
  • Child #3 – blue bowl, green plate, green cup.

Check that all children are holding their bowls upright and ensure all items are positioned safely on the table.

NO!!!! Children 2 and 3 have got THE WRONG CUPS! It’s the GREEN CUP for Child #3 and BLUE CUP for Child #2. Swap cups and console children.

Open Drawer #1 and distribute the spoons:

  • Child #1 – big boy spoon with blue handle
  • Child #2 – big boy spoon with silver handle, accompanied by one pink and one orange spoon.
  • Child #3 – big boy spoon with blue handle, accompanied by two green spoons.

Nearly there now, but not quite.

Ensure all children’s bottoms are on seats and pour milk into each bowl.

Child #3 would like raisins after all. Console child.

Child #2 spots Child #3’s CUT fruit bread. He would like his fruit bread cut. Console child.

Console Child #1 over the presence of placemats at the table.

Stop children from hitting each other over the head with milky spoons.

All tasks have been completed and you’ve got 5 seconds left. QUICK, GET THE CRYSTAL!

Well done, you have earned 10 SECONDS IN THE CRYSTAL DOME.*

*Sorry, you haven’t actually earned anything. Just a pat on the back for getting through your first challenge. And now you’re ready to tackle the rest of the day.

And no, you don’t have time for a lie down.

Bowl and spoon with cereal


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