‘How was your day?’

I’m the first to admit that I am not at my best in the evening. Even after a relatively straightforward day, simple things are very likely to tip me over the edge.

The question ‘how was your day?’ is just one of these things. It’s a perfectly reasonable question which tends to be asked by my husband when he gets home and I’m in the middle of bathing three small boys. I’d probably be annoyed if he didn’t ask it so it’s a no-win situation for him, but I find ‘how was your day?’ a bit like ‘how are you?’ when the person who is asking would actually be a bit alarmed if you went on to give them any answer more detailed than ‘fine’ or ‘not too bad’. There isn’t the opportunity to give a full answer, but at the same time my day can rarely be summed up in one word. There will have been moments of joy and moments of despair, I have probably cried at least once and muttered ‘I have no idea how I’m going to make it through until bedtime’ two or three times.

I usually respond with an inadequate ‘exhausting’, ‘we got by’, or sometimes just a vague ‘oh, you know’, but maybe one day I’ll give the full answer………

Well breakfast was the usual madness because I cut one boy’s toast when I shouldn’t have and then the eldest boy decided he’s now frightened of the twins’ dinosaur placemats so he ate with his eyes closed and knocked over his juice but after breakfast they all had a beautiful few minutes doing picnic time with the cuddly toys which descended into everyone hurling cuddly toys and slippers down the stairs then we got ready for school and Twin #2 decided that he wanted to wear his backpack, then he didn’t and then he did again but we all walked to school holding hands and I thought isn’t this just the loveliest thing and aren’t I lucky; but then on the way home Twin #1 fell over and cut his lip and Twin #2 decided to sit down in the middle of the road and not walk any further and I didn’t know how I was going to get them home but somehow we did and then they had a lovely time at playgroup once they’d got over not being allowed any more biscuits and when we got home they insisted on having all the garden toys out of the shed but then said they were all done after 5 minutes (so yes, everything is still out there, sorry about that) then we were almost late for school pick up because Twin #2 insisted on taking three over-sized cuddly toys with him and could barely see where he was going but we got there and big brother came out of school with a lolly for someone’s birthday which is just about the worst scenario possible because obviously I didn’t have lollies for the little ones but clearly I need to start keeping a supply of lollies with me at all times; so it was a struggle to get home but we made it and once we got home the eldest one’s questions were never-ending from 3.30 right up until bedtime all about the oceans and Tasmania and whales and wolves and everything I know nothing about and I love all the questions but they’re so exhausting especially while I’m trying to get the tea ready and there’s another boy hanging onto my legs and opening the oven and fiddling with the hob controls then they all decide this is hilarious so why don’t they all play with the hob controls and did I mention the gas man also turned up at this time? Well the gas man turned up but I managed to serve tea and then the twins announced they no longer like any of their favourite things and they just wanted CRACKERS because they’re on some cracker diet that involves them eating nothing but crackers so I wondered why on earth I bothered cooking anything at all and then it was wind down time and I wrestled them out of their clothes and into the bath and I’ve just had a cup of water thrown all over me and am absolutely soaked and now here we are.

So that’s how my day was and I don’t know whether that counts as brilliant or awful but it’s definitely normal.

How was your day?



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