One at 5 and two at 3

Last week was birthday week in our house. With 3 boys’ birthdays in the space of 3 days, my husband took the week off work and we enjoyed a week of family fun / total exhaustion. And because it hadn’t been quite busy enough, we ended the week with a party for all three on Saturday.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I get more stressed about children’s birthday parties than I did over my wedding.

Mood pre-wedding:

  • Excited – I knew that it would be the best day. Neither husband-to-be nor I were likely to end up having a tantrum on the floor. And if anything went wrong or didn’t turn up, we’d deal with it.

Mood pre-birthday party:

  • Tense, anxious, irritable – children are completely unpredictable, who knew what mood mine would be in? I ended up with one hanging off my legs for at least 30 minutes so relatively it wasn’t too bad. But the most terrifying thing of all was this: if the entertainer didn’t turn up, I would be in a hall for 2 whole hours with 30 children to keep amused.

Thankfully, after the initial hanging-off-mum’s-legs period, the party seemed to be enjoyed by all, the entertainer did turn up and typically, by the time everyone else was leaving, my boys had warmed up and were having a ball.


So now birthday week is all over for another year, and here we are with a 5 year old and two 3 year olds. It’s been a big year for them all: the eldest boy’s first year at school and the first year that the twins have really started to show real differences in their personalities.

So here they are – three boys in brief:

Eldest boy

He is: 

Gentle, shy, studious, independent, affectionate, sensitive, imaginative, innocent, slightly eccentric in the best possible way.


Cars, maps, animals of the world, menus, imaginative play, school, registers, routine, car magazines, shepherd’s pie, cosy jumpers.

Can often be found: 

Swotting up on car magazines, maps or animal fact books. Otherwise writing menus.

Likely to say: 

‘Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Mercedes A-Class, Nissan Pulsar…..’

‘Is that a Tasmanian wolf or an Arctic wolf? And when are we going to Africa?’

Special skill: 

His ability to recognise the make of a car by looking at its lights.

Nightmare scenario: 

Someone daring to move his car magazines.

aged 5 running

Twin 1 (Trouble)

He is:

Headstrong, defiant, stubborn, joyful, adventurous, impatient, cuddly, sociable, high maintenance.


Running, jumping, climbing, leaping, wrestling, mummy saying no (hilarious), vehicles, potatoes, sitting on a lap.

Can often be found: 

Lying flat on his face with a cut lip having discovered, once again, that the speed at which he wishes to travel is significantly faster than his little body will allow.

Wrestling his brothers to the ground.

Likely to say: 

‘Can we go and see the little trains on the big train soon?’

(This is in reference to the model trains he adored at the Devon Railway Centre, and is asked at least once every 30 minutes. Every day.)

‘Carry me and have a cuddle’.

Special skill: 

Seeking out vegetables and removing them from any dish, however hard you try to disguise them.

Nightmare scenario: 

Not being heard.

Trouble at Kew

Twin 2 (Not-quite-so-much-trouble)

He is: 

Observant, sensitive, jokey, serious, affectionate, sociable, confident, sometimes shy; slightly contradictory.


Having ‘lotsa’, creepy crawlies, vehicles, animal t-shirts, flamboyant accessories, making silly sounds, grapes, somersaults, spinning, pine cones.

Can often be found: 

Lying on the pavement watching snails.snailwatch

Likely to say: 

‘I need lotsa crackers….I haven’t got LOTSA!’

Special skill: 

The ability to use ordinary pieces of furniture as monkey bars.

Nightmare scenario: 

‘I’ve got mucky HAAAAAANDS!’

Getting dressed / undressed. If only someone understood just how bad this is.

giant snail

3 boys march on

Eldest boy’s vision of the future is a beautifully innocent one in which the three of them continue to participate in all activities together. His idea of them all getting the bus to the garage to choose a car on his 17th birthday makes me smile, as does his plan for us all to head to the safari park for their 19th and 17th birthdays. I’m sure things will pan out slightly differently, but for now I’m enjoying the innocence while it lasts.

watching ducks

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