Handbag stock take

The realisation that my handbag was so full of junk that I couldn’t actually fit my purse into it persuaded me that a handbag stock take was very necessary. I have never been good at keeping a tidy home/bag/cupboard or anything else so can’t blame this one on the boys. I am trying, little by little, to de-clutter and this felt like a small but very significant step.

Once I had removed all the essentials, I found I have been carrying the following extraneous items around with me for the last 6 months or so:

  1. 3 packs of children’s snacks/treats/bribeshandbag rubbish
  2. 2 sticks of rock
  3. 3 sachets of ketchup and 1 of salt
  4. 2 glasses cases
  5. 2 boarding passes for flights to and from Copenhagen
  6. 2 Copenhagen streetmaps
  7. 1 leftover pack of Christmas cards
  8. 2 nappy bags
  9. 1 picnic knife
  10. 23 receipts and tickets
  11. 1 newspaper article from August 2014
  12. 2 pages from an old bus magazine
  13. 1 ‘I am 2’ badge
  14. 5 pens
  15. 3 perfume smelling sticks (do these have a name?)

If I had ever found myself lost in Copenhagen and in desperate need of salt and ketchup for my chips and a sugar hit for afterwards, I would have been fine. I have decided this is unlikely and got rid of everything apart from the glasses cases (which I’m relieved to have found) and pens. Thankfully, my purse (which is jammed full of probably over 50 receipts) now fits in again. Unfortunately, this is not my only handbag so who knows what I will find lurking when I decide to tackle the next one.

Project ‘de-clutter the house and make space for the boys’ continues.

5 thoughts on “Handbag stock take

  1. Brilliant! If that’s what you found in your handbag, I can’t wait to hear what you will find in your kitchen drawers! Great read. My friend Louisa mentioned your blog and sent me a link. Can you add me to your mailing list?


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