Let’s go and see the orchids…….

Today we ventured to Kew Gardens to see the orchids. We have membership, which means we don’t put pressure on ourselves to see as much as possible in one visit. Good job, as within ten minutes of arriving today, husband was telling boy #1 (who was sulking because we weren’t going straight to the playground) that if his bad behaviour continued we would be having lunch and then going straight home.

We did make it to see the orchids and here they are:

Kew orchids           Kew orchids pink

Imagine attempting to admire this stunning display whilst your 4 year old howls at the top of the steps and insists that we leave immediately. The smallest boys joined in by scrapping over the colouring pencils which, along with easels and paper, were dotted about for children to attempt some orchid inspired artwork. Eldest boy had a go, but insisted he wasn’t drawing any flowers – his paper was instead covered with rage-induced scribbles.  At least he has left his mark.

Obviously, as soon as we escaped the beautiful orchids and the boys discovered some steps as well as an expanse of concrete, they decided that Kew Gardens could be a fun day out after all. As long as you weren’t trapped in a conservatory.

Finally we made it to the playground, with three boys who were so exhausted they could barely stand up. And as I clambered up the cargo net to rescue one of the twins from the top of a slide he’d decided he no longer wanted to slide down, it occurred to me that every day I have at least one moment like this, when I feel and look like I’m taking part in the assault course on the Krypton Factor.

But despite all of this, I still feel like we had a good day – thank goodness for those realistic expectations.

Kew steps         boys at Kew

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